INPROTECH Company is specialized for green-field and revamping (upgrading) projects in the field of automation and instrumentation. In the new green-field projects we take over the complete part of project related to the automatic control system and create the specification of equipment according to the project documentation. We are delivering equipment from the renowned manufacturers and developing SCADA and DCS applications for process control. As a part of system configuration, we are installing the support software as well as Microsoft servers and Windows workstation. In the finalization of the projects we include commissioning for automation part, training for workers and preparation of final project documentation (As Build).

INPROTECH can provide the following services:

  • Engineering and consulting for automatic control systems in the Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Creating ordering specification for Honeywell equipment in accordance with project documentations.
  • Installation and wiring of field instrumentation (sensors, transmitters, controllers, etc.).
  • Assembling of Marshalling cabinets with complete active and passive components (barriers, PSU, Relays, etc.).
  • Delivering of fully assembled Honeywell PLC cabinets in accordance with client demand.
  • Programming and developing of software for automation and control industrial processes.
  • Process of pre-commissioning and commissioning for automation equipment and software.
  • Training of future operators on DCS system

With INPROTECH our clients are secure through the whole process of automation. We also provide strong support after the commissioning period, and solutions for any future automation demand.